Audit Services

Our audit philosophy

In consideration of Audit as a highly complex process, Yousuf Adil provides a range of Audit and Advisory services using state-of-the –art tolls that deliver quality and excellence. Our assurance and non-assurance services adhere to the highest standards of Audit principles and our approach focuses on rigorous and decisive diagnostics and procedures which are directed towards producing informative and insightful reports. Our subject-matter experts address on ever-expanding range of topics which enables us to continually adapt our service offering in line with dynamics of the market.

Quality control system

Our strong Quality assurance system abides by the highest level of professionalism and commitment. This involves the participation of an additional partner as an advisor partner in every major audit, specialized training courses, Quality Assurance review and formalized consultative framework. Yousuf Adil has the distinction of being the auditors of various large listed companies, banks and several other reputable entities including public sector entities.

Engagement Management System

Caseware employs an automated approach towards audit management. It facilitates in preparing and exchanging information and supporting schedules, and sharing of files and working papers. It helps in determining the Audit scope, conduct analytical reviews, select data for testing and monitor progress. It is designed to enable Audit practitioners to deliver high quality audits that are efficient and effective in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key components of QC system

Yousuf Adil’s quality control system is designed in conformation with ISA’s Code of Ethics. They are aimed at eliminating or mitigating risks relating to engagement-acceptance and continuance, sustaining the competency of our professionals, prolonging the improvement of audit quality and providing review judgements independent of irrationality.
  • Client acceptance and Continuance.
  • Commitment to training and specialization.
  • Internal practice reviews
  • Engagement quality control reviews